St. Margaret Lt Blue Banded Bottom Polo Shirt

St. Margaret Lt Blue Banded Bottom Polo Shirt

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St. Margaret-  Girls grade K-5 wear the polo with navy shorts for the summer uniform and girls grade 6-8 wear the school polo with the plaid skirt for summer.
Boys grade K-5 wear the St. Margaret polo for both the summer and winter uniform and during the winter navy pants and the REQUIRED St Margaret v neck button down cardigan and/or sweater vest is worn.  Navy shorts are permitted for summer.  Boys grade 6-8 can only wear the school polo for the summer uniform along with navy shorts and/or navy pants and are required to wear a white oxford for the winter with a school sweater vest and navy tie.  

Optional winter uniform for girls grade K-8: St. Margaret short sleeve (banded or unbanded bottom) or long sleeve polo shirt with khaki pants. 

*Style because of banded bottom does NOT need to be tucked in.  

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